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Be A Master of Your Own Energy

Want to understand your body’s energy type & boost your overall wellbeing with the healing powers of energy? Learn all about energy work through advanced energy healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, comprehensive chakra assessments, the metaphysics of crystals & ritual work that can help you become a more empowered empath & embrace your sensitivity as a tender-hearted soul.

Energy Empowerment

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We specialise in using crystal beadwork to enhance, boost or protect your energy.

Blessed & infused with advanced energy work & personalised intentions tailored to your needs,

our unique style of beadwork is a popular & convenient choice in aiding you in your journey in energy healing.

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Private Workshops

Experience the Full Hands On Process with Your Spiritual Buddies

An in-studio workshop guiding you through the fundamental theories behind crystals & how it helps in energy healing. Learn how to curate your accessory the durable way with snap-proof jewellery grade materials & techniques or take a day off to practice mindfulness while making your Mala  in these fun & insightful workshop!

Specialised Energy Treatments

Our unique energy healing modalities aim to support you in understanding your body's energy flow & configuration, bring about alignment, deep trauma release, healing, nourishing and rebalancing of the chakra systems, along with personalised bodywork, treating your specific ailments & finishing off with energy coaching on how to achieve holistic balance your body.


Chakra Assessment +

Reiki Booster Only

Energy Analysis & Self-Healing

Curious about how your energy is like in your body? Are all your chakras aligned? Any energetic blocks, stagnancy or overly stimulated points that you need to be aware of? Finish off with a quick reiki booster which enables you to self-heal for the next 2-3 days! Perfect for beginners or independent self-healers.


Chakra Assessment +

Usui Reiki Healing + Tuning Fork Treatment

Review & Rejuvenate with Reiki &

Tuning Fork Frequency Treatment

Feeling out of sorts & want to experience more balanced within you? Come and get your chakras assessed, receive gentle reiki healing & finishing off with a chakra tuning fork frequency treatment. Leave feeling cleansed, aligned & rejuvenated!


Guided Light Meditation +

Distant Reiki Healing

Receive Instant Distant Healing

Can't make time for an in-person session & want to receive energy healing the fast & convenient way? Dedicate 30min of your time and be guided through a light meditation exercise & the areas of your body to heal over a 'live' virtual call in real time. Receive the healing remotely wherever you are & finish the session feeling rejuvenated!


Chakra Assessment + Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Treatment

A Unique & Advanced Full Body 

Energy Treatment 

This signature Transpersonal Crystal Healing® treatment is a powerful & transformational healing modality professionally accredited IEHA and Certified by the IICT by Evolve Healing Institute. It involved advanced energy healing techniques–incorporating the practice of reiki, comprehensive chakra balancing work, trauma-informed body crystal gridding, transpersonal psychology & holistic counselling. Experience this life-changing specialised treatment of ours for yourself!

Evolved Empath

Our signature Evolved Empath workshop was sold out consecutively for 6 intakes in 2022! This workshop aims to provide Empaths who are navigating their spiritual journeys with useful insights & tools on how to break out of chronic energy fatigue, stuck toxic patterns with energy vampires & narcissists, set healthier boundaries, work through their empath shadows traits, learn how to use ritual work & moon cycles to their advantage as sensitive beings, connect to their Higher Self for wisdom, guidance & strengthening intuition, and master the art of manifestation the conscious & intentional way through understanding Universal vibrations & crystal grid work. For those struggling with your energy everyday, this is something you definitely not want to miss! 


Evolved Empath Workshop

Break the Curse,

Embrace Your Gifts

An experiential hands-on workshop for Empaths or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). Guiding you through psycho-spiritual coaching & holistic teachings, gain better understanding of your empathetic traits, learn more about your dominant shadow issues on why & how you leak energy, learn the art of healthy boundary setting, types of ritual practices to better shield yourself from energy vampires & narcissists, connecting you to your Higher Self. Heal your layers of energetic wounds. Get real-life experience working with spiritual tools to connect deeper with your intuition & gifts, understanding the true power of manifestation through the spiritual laws of attraction & crystal grid work. create your very own personalised Empath framework, and confidently harness the power of your clair superpowers within.


Evolved Empath Masterclasses

Break The Curse,

Embrace Your Gifts

A self-paced course consisting of individual modules from the 'LIVE' workshop through a series of masterclasses, ideal for Empaths or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) who wish to learn in private, in their own pace & time. Similarly, you will learn the theories along with the tools to help you confidently become a wiser, more empowered Empath with a unique framework that supports your journey in understanding what strongest clair gifts you have, shadow work as an Empath, boundary setting, ritual work, moon cycles, holistic tools to heal layers of energetic Empath wounds, helping you to connect with your Highest Self, strengthen your intuition, understanding the art of manifestation through practices & crystal grid work, followed by a protection salt scrub which you can make on your own. You can become an Evolved Empath in the comfort of your own home!

Reiki Trainings

Our upcoming Reiki trainings are dedicated to those who are looking to learn from Founder Janel herself the integrated embodied methods around energy healing through Reiki Usui, a Japanese modality that is gentle & easy for beginners to master & practise for healing of self & others around them.

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Reiki Trainings

The Sacred Teachings of Reiki

This training is for those who would like to learn the ancient practice Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy), a gentle beginner friendly modality best known for empowering you to heal first yourself on multidimensional levels– energetically, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. This Japanese healing art is recognised as a global-wide complementary therapy for energy healing.

Why Choose Soulearthrising?

8 Important Reasons Why You Can Trust Us with Your Healing Journey

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Wish to try it out but feeling constrained, we now offer sliding scales...

Support Scale

Specially curated for those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.

(SAHM, Single Mothers, Students under 18 years old, those jobless for at least 3 months, low-income household of not more than SGD1000/headcount)

Stable Scale

Stable scale is for those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.

(You have a job and are feeling financially stable. You do not need financial support for your purchase & you are willing to honour the full price)

Strong Scale

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others to help rebalance systemic inequity.

(You are currently financially comfortable & do not mind making a donation of any amount to support the others in the community who require financial support)

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Kind Words...

"Janel was very warm and friendly, she made great care to ensure we were comfortable in our own skin at all times. The workshop was an eye opening experience. I really learnt a lot from it! I like that the handout was also clear and informative. For someone like me who is not girly, surprisingly the beads available was quite a huge range for me to choose. I am very happy with my end product, including the the great little cleansing and restringing package for anybody who has crystals and needs re-stringing and cleansing. For anybody who is new to crystals, this package is a good introduction to basic smudging tools. My favourite part is the sharings from our host Janel of her in depth in knowledge and properties of crystals as well as chakras and auras, as well as how to also care for crystals and cleanse and charge them in the right way. I really learned a lot more about the properties of crystals and how to better match them with the energies and chakras that I am lacking of. I am also more aware of getting my crystals from ethical sources and sellers. I would definitely recommend to crystal lovers who want to learn beyond the beauty of crystals, people seeking alternative methods of healing and also crystal skeptics alike."

About the Founder


Janel Aurelia Q.

Janel Aurelia Q.

Certified Holistic Life Coach (IPHM)

Certified Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Practitioner

Energy Empowerment Guide & Spiritual Mentor

Intuitive Tarot & Astrology Counsellor

Crystal Consultant & Beadwork Instructor

– Over a thousand beadwork accessories sold

– Over 200 workshops conducted to date
– More than 200 hours in-person healing treatments conducted

– 7 sold out Evolved Empath workshops so far

– Facilitated by a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

– Trained under a global accredited program recognized in 39 countries worldwide through the IICT & IEHA

– Trained in the field of psychology, counselling & somatic trauma therapy

Watch this FREE Energy Protection Workshop!

FREE Energy Protection Workshop by Soulearthrising in collaboration with UniOracle Alliance

FREE Energy Protection Workshop by Soulearthrising in collaboration with UniOracle Alliance

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Soul Alignment Call!

Want to find out more on how energy healing & spiritual guidance can help you overcome blockages, restore balance and lead an abundant & thriving life? 

Feel free to schedule a FREE 15-min consultation call with Founder Janel.

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