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Energy & Chakra Healing

Want to deepen your healing journey with energy and chakra balancing? 

Terraajhealing introduces a 1:1 full body healing modality in their range of services—Transpersonal Crystal Healing®. TCH® is unique and profound alternative holistic healing modality founded by Kate Mantello of Evolve Healing Institute. This full body treatment includes Transpersonal Psychology, providing clients with a personalised chakra analysis. Through the use of crystals, reiki, and energy attunement, you can release trauma overwrite old programming, achieving much more powerful healing results, than by using Crystal Healing alone. Experience instant and immediate shift with this specialised healing modality.

🇸🇬 This offering is available in Singapore only. 

'Transpersonal' refers to states of consciousness and aspects of 'Self' that exist beyond and transcend (trans) the personality (personal). Transpersonal therapies take a client-centered approach, because it is understood that every individual is always being guided towards his or her own evolution.

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® was created by Founder of Evolve Healing Institute, Kate Mantello. It brings together the principals of transpersonal therapy (specifically working with the client on a spiritual, psychological and emotional level) and harmoniously weaves this together with crystal healing & energy healing (which honor the energetic and vibrational levels) and spiritual philosophy.


By working with clients on all of these levels of being, Transpersonal Crystal Healing® is a multi-dimensional healing modality that promotes the truest form of transformational healing. Overall, this makes for a much more holistic and powerful healing experience!

A specialised Transpersonal Crystal Healing® session would flow as follows:

Full body Chakra & Aura Analysis (45 min)

  • Consultation with the client 

  • Settling into healing space with guided meditation

  • Chakra analysis & aura assessment 

  • Post analysis debrief

Full body Chakra & Aura Analysis + Chakra Tuning Fork Treatment (60 min)

  • Consultation with the client 

  • Settling into healing space with guided meditation

  • Chakra analysis & aura assessment 

  • Chakra tuning fork treatment

  • Aura cleansing & smudging 

  • Post analysis debrief

Transpersonal Crystal Healing Treatment (120-min)

  • Includes the above full body Chakra & Aura Analysis 

  • Pre-treatment relaxation guided meditation 

  • Full body chakra healing, balancing, & realignment 

  • Customised crystal body grid work & personalised applied energy work on problematic areas 

  • Third eye massage

  • Chakra Tuning Fork Treatment

  • Aura cleansing & Smudging 

  • Selenite aura shield work 

  • Grounding with crystals 

  • Post-treatment debrief 

What can Transpersonal Crystal Healing® help with?
Physical ailments like back pains, fatigue, womb, stomach, gut and digestive issues, low immunity, low energy. 


Emotional ailments like mild anxiety, feelings of anger, frustration, restlessness, lostness and confusion, heartbreaks, grief, emotional weariness, emotional numbness.


Psychological ailments like not sleeping well, anxiety, worrying about the future, troubled thoughts about life, having vivid and unnexplainable dreams, finding it hard to focus and concentrate, lack of connection to intuition and are not certain of life's direction.

Spiritual and energetic ailments like not experiencing a breakthrough in life, always constantly facing negative situations one after another, not able to manifest financial and properous abundance or romantic love, no direction in life. 

Important Things to Note:

Everybody responds differently to an energetic healing session, however there are some very common reactions and responses that most clients seem to experience in varying degrees, depending on how sensitive they are to the crystal energies. 

Some of the most common responses are:

- Relaxation
Most clients will go into a deep state of relaxation during a Crystal Therapy session and will still feel the effects immediately after the session. They may feel as though they have awakened from a deep sleep or meditation, or they may even feel lightly sedated. This is perfectly normal and usually wears off within the first half hour, although many clients may carry a lasting calmness and relaxation through the rest of the day.

- Light-Headedness
Often clients can feel quite light-headed or a little ‘out of it’ immediately after a Crystal Healing. This is where good grounding is important. Offer your client a glass of water, and even a pinch of salt to dissolve on the tongue. This feeling usually wears off in a couple of minutes, once movement and connection with the ground through the feet has occurred. Never rush your client into driving home until any light-headedness has passed.


- Headache
Occasionally a client will experience head pain or discomfort if the Crystal Healing session has included focused work on the head region (such as removing stress due to overthinking). This is simply the release of the blocked energy through the head and will settle within 24-48 hours. Lying down in a dark room with a cool cloth over their forehead may help, as might the application of lavender oil.

- Stomach/Digestive Discomfort
It is not uncommon for a client to experience mild symptoms of digestive discomfort including: stomach rumbling, nausea, more frequent bowel movements, menstrual pain or gas after a Crystal Healing session that focuses on detoxification or cleansing through the lower chakras. This is simply the release of blocked energies being removed from the body and will subside in 24-48 hours. Many clients need to use the bathroom immediately after a healing session, and this is perfectly normal.

- Feeling Emotional
Some clients find Crystal Healing a very emotional experience (especially if the session involves revisiting or releasing trauma). The energy of the crystals can penetrate deep into the subconscious layers and bring to light unresolved emotional trauma, which may leave your client feeling a little emotionally ‘raw’ or vulnerable for a few hours to a couple of days. This is perfectly natural when we work on deep emotional issues, and the tears provide us with a healthy means of release.

***It is MOST recommended for client to receive the healing treatment on a day that does not require them to work or participate in strenuous activities in the next 1-3 days to allow full recuperation and recovery post-treatment.***

Feel free to schedule a FREE 15-min Energy call with Crystal Healer & Therapist Janel.

Or if you are ready, click the button below to book/check out our available slots!

120-min TCH treatment fees: SGD288

(For the full & detailed comprehensive energy healing, alignment & treatment)

60-min Chakra Analysis + Tuning Fork Treatment: SGD158

(For those who want an analysis and try out a quick chakra alignment through the use of tuning for frequency or those who have went fora TCH treatment and want a follow up quick energy rebalance)

45-min Full Body Chakra Analysis fees: SGD128

(For those who only want to do an analysis to understand their chakras better)

Enjoy SGD30 off if you combine the analysis with another service by booking our Healing Bundles!

Head to our "Promotions" page to learn more.

Limited spots dedicated on a monthly basis. Book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

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What Clients Say...

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- Jessica (Animal Communicator, Reiki Practitioner)

The healing session truly came in Divine timing. I had prior experience with a healer previously, but with Janel I feel a deep connection with her as she has a great level of empathy. As a fellow reiki practitioner, I need my dose of healing and personally was not able to pick up some of my personal issues. Janel managed to work on the problematic areas of my body and pick out deeper rooted issues for me. 

I have also been having quite an emotional upheaval in my life with my recent shifts in my life. Before the healing session, I was feeling and experiencing so much chaos and fatigue from my major life transitions and my fear of the future. So this healing session was VERY MUCH needed. 

During the session, I could feel tingling sensations at my feet area. I have poor blood circulation, so the tingling feeling was pretty *amazing*! I could also feel warmness around my stomach area as I have poor digestion and gut health. I could also feel comfort around my heart area—there were some emotions that surfaced that I felt safe to release. There was a physical third eye massage too, which was really gentle and soothing, making the entire experience even more relaxing. 

The highlight of my session was during the post-consultation with Janel. I was told specifically that I needed more collagen, soup, fish and alkaline water, which I am so thankful for because I am the most concerned about my health. I am currently seeing a TCM doctor and what she shared about my gut health is 100% highly accurate. I was very *amazed* by this specific message as I have a very weak and acidic stomach. Recently, I found my skin to be slower in healing and my hair has also been falling. So the lack in collagen in my body was very likely targeting these issues. I am just so *amazed*because Janel is SUPER ON POINT. The advice she gave were uncannily similar to the things my TCM doctor and previous reiki healer also shared which nobody knows about!

Over the next one week my body went through a detox and I felt a lot of my blockages released! I feel a sense of renewed energy and a lot more confident with my life moving forward. It is like I have a brand new focus, a detailed "manual" of what to do next. 

I highly recommend this healing session to anyone who is facing stress, anxiety, fatigue from juggling so many things at once in your life. It is also very eye opening to learn about how you can further work on existing ailments or conditions in your body from the advice she provide during the healing session. I will definitely go back for more sessions! 

Janel carries a very trusting, loving and comforting aura so much that I felt at ease around her. I am also someone who seldom show my tears but I was able to release my vulnerable emotions in her presence. So if you are drawn and considering this healing, do not worry, with Janel as your healer, you are definitely in safe hands. 

Thank you so much Janel for the effort and support you have provided me as I go through my own personal transformation! Keep doing what you are doing! You are very gifted.

Energy & Chakra Healing: Testimonials

- Ratna (Wellbeing Facilitator, TEDx Speaker)

I have been through a crystal healing session before and the experience made me curious to find out more about the power of crystal healing. That's why I came to Janel todo this healing session to help me gain clarity as well as to clear some blocks to all these challenges that I face in my life.

Janel has been very thoughtful in setting up the healing space to make it very safe and comfortable for me to experience healing. Throughout the healing session, I felt so relaxed and recharged. I could feel this tingling sensations in the areas where she did the crystal healing around my body as if you know, the electricity moves throughout my entire body. I felt it particularly very strongly around my knee and the heart area, which I found out later during the aura reading that I need to actually pay attention more in those areas.  

I should say, Janel is a very intuitive and caring healer and therapist. She holds the space very well.  What I really love about Janel is her kind, caring and friendly personality made me comfortable of really receiving this crystal healing.

She also guided me in the guided relaxation meditation, and I felt very grounded and at peace after the session. She also did this Third Eye massage, which also helps me to feel at ease and light. It also helped me to actually let go of some tensions that I felt before the session itself. After the healing session, I felt so much lighter and better. Janel also shared about this aura reading sessions, which was totally on point! It resonated with what I am struggling with and at the same time, she also provided me with some advice on how I could move how I could manage this moving forward.

 A few days after the sessions I experienced this overwhelming emotions and Janel was very, very kind and very nice to actually check  in on how I was feeling and recommended some practical ways to ease my negative emotions as well. So, and after a couple of days practicing some of this meditation and grounded practice, I felt so much better and very light too.

It was definitely a very good crystal healing session facilitated by Janel. I learned a lot more about my body and the experience itself just kind of like amazed me in a way that I was like, "Wow, that was so amazing!" It really also helps me to clear some of the blocks when I felt stuck. I would definitely strongly recommend Janel  to anyone who is looking out for therapist or a healer to support you in your healing journey.

I only have a good things to say about Janel. So feel free to reach out to her to support you in your healing journey.

Energy & Chakra Healing: Testimonials
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