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Founder of Terraajhealing & SoulsheSpeaks 
Energy & Empath Coach

Tarot Oracle Advisor 

Transpersonal Crystal Healer

Beadwork Artist & Instructor

Greetings! Welcome to Terraajhealing. 

Janel is a practitioner of holistic healing since 2015, where she first started her journey in yoga & meditation. 

Before that, Janel spent her yesteryears in perpetual fatigue, constantly experiencing chronic burnout from the long hours of work in the creative industry, along with the unhealthy toxic lifestyle she was trapped in.

Sometime towards the end of 2016, a major life event (dropping everything in her life and relocating to a third world country, East Timor) sparked Janel’s spiritual awakening and since then she have dedicated a big portion of her life reconnecting with her spiritual nature and strengthening her unique intuitive gifts, further deepening her studies in various forms of alternative and holistic healing after personally experiencing how these forms of healing improved her physical, energetic, emotional and mental state of health drastically. It turned her life completely around. 

Janel deep dived into her healing journey in 2018 where she first "communicated" with a crystal in a Reiki class. After learning that she has an innate gift to intuitively sense energies, she went ahead to obtain her certification in Usui Reiki in 2019. She has also completed her training in Transpersonal Crystal Healing® and Holistic Life Coaching in December 2021. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and has taken basic courses in counselling and CBT and an upcoming course in ACT.

Janel now guide individuals who are seeking for alternative forms of healing and life enhancement through crystal and energy work through the chakra and aura systems; coupled with spiritual and life guidance through tarot counselling and 1:1 spiritual coaching / mentorship. 

Energy work and holistic healing has supported Janel’s recovery through her vicious cycles of fatigues, burnouts, physical ailments, insomnia & other sleep disorders, menstrual disorders, and headaches. It has also helped enhance her sense of focus and intuition and keeping her grounded and protected at the same time, even assisting in manifesting abundance! 

It is Janel’s blessing and purpose to share this ancient wisdom to anyone open to embarking on a journey of energy healing and soulful guidance. It is her belief that anyone can gain access to this knowledge and make positive energetic shifts to their life and overall wellbeing!

Feel free to reach out for a 15-min energy call with her directly. She will be happy to connect with you. 

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TerraaSupport  |  Beadwork Artist

Dazzlyn smells and breathes books for a living. She also loves spending time with family, enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea, collecting pretty stones and jewellery making!

Dazzlyn started collecting crystals 3 years ago. After some time, she wondered if she could get to create a magical piece of her own! That was when she started looking out for a mentor in jewellery making using crystals.

Dazzlyn chanced upon Janel after much research and decided to take up the Beadwork Jewellery Making Course with her. Both of them hit it off right away! Very soon, they ended up creating lots of magick together during classes, and the rest is history!

Dazzlyn is also a Mummy to a beautiful daughter and in a mixed marriage with a Pakistani husband who never fails to share his support for her self-love & self-development journey, something that Dazzlyn constantly shows gratitude for. She hopes to one day infused some Pakistani and Asian culture in her jewellery work. She believes that is will be very interesting!

Dazzlyn also hopes to spread joy, peace and love to the Terraajhealing community for as long as she is here as TerraaSupport. 

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Terraajhealing Therapy Dog JerrotheDoggo_edited.jpg


TerraaDoggo |  Self-proclaimed "Therapy" Dog

Jerro, also called as "Roro", is Terraajhealing's resident dog! 

Roro is a fellow #SingaporeSpecial. He join the Terraa family one Saturday in March 2022, and has since settled in comfortably enough to welcome guests into our cozy and humble space. 

He can be slightly wary of strangers, so he would appreciate calmness and gentleness during in-studio visits. Once he warms up to you, you may feed him treatos and get him to do simple easy tricks!

He is really endearing towards female guests, and may take slightly longer to open up to males. That said, as long as you have treatos in your hands or the energy of a swan, all will be well! 

Feel free to let him provide you a dose of "therapy" when you visit if you are a dog lover! If not, let us know your comfort level, and we will make adjustments accordingly (like fencing him up).

We hope you will love Roro as part of the Terraajhealing family too! 

Fun fact: He holds the same birth month as Terraajhealing, which is on February 2020! No, this was completely coincidental and unplanned. We will believe it is all fated and the works of the Universe. :)

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About Terraajhealing

Celebrating our journey, because it matters.

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May 2022

Terraajhealing launches Mala Making Mindfulness Workshops

April 2022

Terraajhealing launches our website!

Terraajhealing hosts our first ever IG 'Live' FREE Community Reading!

February 2022

Terraajhealing launches Evolved Empaths 2-day course for the #SoulSeekers.

Terraajhealing hosted our first online corporate Healing Through Beading Workshop to Woodlands Health Pte Ltd.

Terraajhealing recruits new member Dazzlyn as TerraaSupport!

December 2021

Terraajhealing conducts private 1:1 Holistic Life Coaching.

September 2021

Terraajhealing opened up Transpersonal Crystal Healing sessions to clients as practicum work

August 2021

TerraaGems launches our 6-weeks Beadwork Jewellery Making Course

July 2021

Terraajhealing hosted our very first outdoor New Moon Intention Circle at Fort Canning Park in collaboration with Jodie Lum, Yoga Teacher.

May 2021

TerraaGems by Terraajhealing held our third collaboration with over Mother's Day!

TerraaGems by Terraajhealing introduces Healing Through Beading Workshops!

Terraajhealing hosted our first online Full Moon Healing Circle in collaboration with on Vesak Day.

April 2021

Terraajhealing hosted our very first monthly healing group circle!

March 2021

TerraaGems by Terraajhealing launches 'LIVE' Consultations & Customisations.

January 2021

Terraa Singapore launches tarot oracle readings.

December 2020

We garnered 1000 followers on Instagram!

We held out second collaboration Christmas giveaway with @finiteaffairs.

November 2021

We held our first collaboration giveaway with @stone_to_home!

February 2020

We launched our first crystal healing collection to 50 followers on Instagram!


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