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Journey Back to Your Soul

Feeling disconnected from yourself and your true purpose? This is where you can awaken to your soul's truth, embark on unveiling deeper layers of your psyche, heal from past wounds & live a life that is aligned & abundant!

Spiritual Remembrance

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1:1 Bespoke Coaching

Interested to go deeper in your spiritual healing journey to unravel hidden layers of blocks & whatever that is stopping you from living out your authentic purpose & an abundant thriving purposeful life?

If you prefer to go at your own pace, 1:1 bespoke coaching can help you tailor an outline that is most suitable for your current pace & needs.

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1:1 Bespoke Coaching

Coaching Suited to Your Needs & Pace

Undergoing a roadblock, a spiritual crisis, life transition or in the midst of a difficult situation? This session is dedicated to those who are stuck and will benefit from unearthing soulful insights on their current circumstances, along with counselling & coaching techniques that can help you process your inner world & heal the wounds that prevent you from moving forward. Infusing personalised meditative guidance, gentle hypnosis, emotion-focused shadow work, inner child healing & acceptance commitment, Founder Janel, a Certified Holistic Life Coach & also trained in the field of psychology & trauma-informed therapeutic approaches can safely support you on a 1:1 healing journey.

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Awaken & Align Soul Coaching Program

Take your spiritual healing journey to a whole new level with our signature soul coaching program designed to help you explore your Middle, Under & Upper Worlds–based on our specially curated 5-steps AU(H)RA model to help you reconnect back to your Soul's truth, shed light on persistent blocks, heal from past narratives that keep you small, reignite your passion & love for Self & life, courageously own your authenticity & work towards your soul's destiny!

Step into a new paradigm of purposeful living, awakened & aligned!

Click to find out more about the program and join the waitlist to receive latest updates on the launch of the program.

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Awaken & Align 3.0

New Paradigm of

Conscious Living

Harnessing the mystical energetics of the sacred lunar calendar, we will flow alongside moon transits to support you in your soul remembrance journey in a group container with other fellow members through a 15-weeks 'LIVE' hybrid program.

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Awaken & Align Masterclasses

Awaken & Align

At Your Own Pace

Sign up for our pre-recorded masterclasses available on our course portal & gain instant access to our 10 program workbooks, 30 over embodiment exercises, 75 over journal prompts for you to practise at your own pace & own time. Additional 1:1 coaching sessions available as add-ons.

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Awaken & Align 'PRO'

(Soulpreneur Edition)

Learn All The Tools To Equip You To Be a Soulprenuer!

Starting (or in the midst of building) your sacred business & in need of direction to call in the audience you want to reach out to or wanting to find ways to expand your platform & organise your offerings? Awaken & Align 'PRO' (Soulpreneur Edition) is created for emerging soul-led business owners who feel the core need to lead, communicate & share their soul's gift to their community in a way that is aligned with your soul purpose. 

Spiritual Practitioner Apprenticeship

Directly guided under Founder Janel's wings, you will practice the ropes in energy mastery, intuitive channelling and the art of holding space for clients in a professional setting and emerge as a confident spiritual practitioner who can start forming your own community & serve your clients.


Spiritual Practitioner


Become a Confident & Professional Spiritual Practitioner

Are you already a spiritual practitioner & considering to level up & confidently serve others as a profession?

This apprenticeship program is a container for those who are serious about transforming & elevating their personal practice into a side-hustle or as a profession. More details will be revealed towards the end of 2023.

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What Clients Say About Awaken & Align...

"The program is structured and at the same time allow further exploration of self within the structure. The natal chart session was enlightening. The session highlighted the deep seated patterns and behaviors that were otherwise unknown to me. Janel was able to zoom into areas that are important and relevant to my journey with this program. During the 1:1 sessions, I felt seen, acknowledged and accepted for who I am. I am grateful that Janel was there to hold space and to be the gentle guide. Through this program, the major shift was experiencing and accepting the shadows as who they are. Not assigning blame or trying to get rid of them, but simply accepting that they are part of me. Janel also helped me understand that negative emotions could be pointing to something deeper. It is an opportunity to explore my intuition, to observe, to create space for whatever that needs to be uncovered. I learn to be less anxious about the unknown. I learn to be present in the moment and to flow. In the final 1:1 we explored my ikigai and discovered that all along (unknowingly) I've been moving towards my ikigai and my purpose. Although the path is yet clear, I recognise I have the choice and power to direct my own path. I felt very supported & I felt that Janel respected my pace. She encouraged me to step forward and explore further without determining how I should do it. I feel safe and assured as we explore deeper part of the shadows. The program offers variety and breadth, It is good for me as I prefer to explore and experience on my own as a start. Would totally recommend for all levels, beginners or advanced!"

Here what past members say about Awaken & Align 2.0...