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1:1 Intuitive Spiritual Counselling & Soul Coaching

Undergoing a spiritual crisis, transition or in the midst of a difficult situation?


This session is dedicated to those who are stuck and need some immediate soulful insights on their current circumstances. Through intuitive channeled guidance, working with spiritual tools, evidence-based counselling techniques and guided personalised meditative & visualisation exercises, Founder Janel, a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Guide also trained in advanced para-counselling, can support you through a 1:1 breakthrough session.

Check out Janel's areas of focus below.

Crisis spiritual counselling topics covered:

  • Spiritual crisis (sudden loss of job, relationships, friendships, things falling apart)

  • Spiritual transitions, awakening process & transformation (you feel like you are going through a middle of "something" unexplainable)

  • Consideration or in transition of relocation & moving overseas

  • Workplace trauma, career issues  

  • Navigating mid-career shifts 

  • Starting out a new passion project

  • Going through repeated marital or relationship issues

  • Navigating messy / chaotic family dynamics

  • Questioning karmic & past life purposes 

Soul coaching psychospiritual topics covered:

  • Self-esteem, self-worth & identity work

  • Shadow work integration

  • Inner child healing 

  • Building & strengthening healthy and balanced energetic boundaries

  • Overcoming burnout & imposter syndrome 

  • Effective self love techniques embodiment ​

  • Sacred goddess earth elemental ritual work

  • Connection & remembrace to Higher self, Universe & True Nature

  • Harnessing intuition & consciousness work

  • Manifestation & the law of attraction from a spiritual perspective

  • Shifting from scarcity to abundance mindset

Each 90-min session covers: 

- Sharing of a personal scenario 

- Review of previous session on action steps / celebrating your wins

- Space holding / deep listening 

- Theme of the day (according to personalised topics)

- Intervention plan & strategies 

- Mediation practice (if necessary)

- Guided Exercises (if necessary)

- Ritual practices (if necessary)

- Oracle card pulls (if necessary) 


What will you get: 

- ALL Recordings of your Zoom calls (if it’s done over Zoom)

- Psychospiritual education on above topics 

- Personalised intervention plan & strategies 

- Post session action steps to hold your accountability 

- 24 hours support from me as your Spiritual Coach 

- Someone to hold you accountable in your journey

- Any additional tools that can support you in your healing journey (for e.g. Workbooks, Exercises, Embodiment practices, Counselling, Guided Inner Journeys, Meditations, Playlist, personal tips, etc.)

*Pricing of session is for Zoom calls only.

*Any sessions done in-person requires additional top up per session. Recordings can be done over audio notes. 

Book a 45-min trial as your first session below!

Subsequently choose between a standard 75-min session or a go much deeper with a 120-min session.

Alternatively, enquire more with Founder Janel to personalise a 1:1 framework that best suits your healing journey. 

1:1 Soul Coaching & Mentorship: Projects

R e n e w a l

Package of 5+1 sessions

Book this Renewal package of 5 sessions & get

1 extra x 90-min coaching x guidance session!

(Save up to 16.5%)

T r a n s f o r m

Package of 10+3 sessions

Book a this Transform package of 10 sessions & get

3 extra x 90-min coaching x guidance sessions!

(Save up to 23%!)

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