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Experiencing internal blocks and feeling the need for clarity? Gain insights through tarot counselling, understanding your astrological blue print & even connect to your furry friend through telepathic means!

Psychic Guidance

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Tarot Reading

Tarot is a form of cartomancy or divination, which taps you into your energy and works with the wisdom of the Universe to provide you the guidance that you are seeking. With tarot cards, you can seek answers for all spheres of life – love and relationships, career, health, family, life purpose, karmic understanding, decision making, etc.

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Tarot Counselling

Receive Guidance & Practical Solutions to Move Through Your Blocks in Life

Are you feeling stuck, confused, worried or undecided on an area or a specific situation in your life? Book a tarot reading and receive instant 'live' guidance on how you can overcome your present blocks. Infusing counselling & coaching techniques, psychic channeling & intuitive guidance, we are here to direct you back to your inner wisdom through the art of tarot as a holistic tool.

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Tarot Practitioner Course

Learn the Art of Tarot the New Age Holistic Way

Learn the art of infusing traditional tarot interpretations with an added touch of modern humanistic positive psychology into the current emerging new age world of psychic readings. Blending your natural gift of intuition with the fundamentals of tarot, learn the magic behind channeling from your inner wisdom while unveiling potent messages from timeless tarot archetypes, tapping into the subconscious psyches of your querent and practising tarot confidently in a safe, trusting and practical manner.

Astrological Reading

The purpose of a natal chart reading, often known as a “classic” birth chart reading session, is to help you connect with your unique cosmic blueprint & patterns of your life as revealed by the planetary and stellar alignments at the time and place of your birth. Be wowed by what you might have been trying to understand about yourself all your life!

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PsychoAstro Signature Reading

A signature astrological reading that highlights key elements of your soul's blue print

Have you wondered what you true soul's identity is? What your life's purpose is? What is the unique soul pattern that you need to overcome in this lifetime? What is are the karmic cycles you have to heal? What is the path to fully embodying your Highest Self? Our PsychoAstro reading will guide you through our signature 5 core ending pillars in our Awaken & Align Soul Coaching Program, the 5-steps model AU(H)RA™ that we guide our coaches through identity work, shadow work, inner child healing, Higher Self embodiment & understanding your soul's plan.

Pet Reading

Animal communication is basically telepathy. Messages are transmitted to & fro from your animals via visions, messages, scents, emotional or physical sensations. A pet reading is beneficial if you wish to foster a deeper bond, understand your pet better & support them in their transitions, growth & life journey.


Animal Communication

Bridging Communications with Your Beloved Pets

Using telepathy aka psychic channeling, animal communication is now an up & coming modality which helps you as a pet owner bridge & strengthen connection & understanding with your furry friends / family. Animals are a part of our ecosystem & it is important we allow them to live among us safely, comfortably, peacefully. Connect with them now & learn what they may just need to better their lives, or help them through their life transitions!


What Clients Say...

"It was my first time experiencing a tarot card reading session and I'm glad I had it with Janel—she made it lovely experience. Janel made sure to understand my concerns and gently nudged me in the right direction with her insightful questions. The spread she curated really resonated with me as well and she took the time to explain each card in detail. Also, I appreciate how unhurried the session was and that I could clarify things as much as I wanted. I left with a much clearer head and a ligher heart. I will definitely be back for another session. Thanks Janel!"

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Why Choose Soulearthrising?

8 Important Reasons Why You Can Trust Us with Your Healing Journey

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Wish to try it out but feeling constrained, we now offer sliding scales...

Support Scale

Specially curated for those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.

(SAHM, Single Mothers, Students under 18 years old, those jobless for at least 3 months, low-income household of not more than SGD1000/headcount)

Stable Scale

Stable scale is for those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.

(You have a job and are feeling financially stable. You do not need financial support for your purchase & you are willing to honour the full price)

Strong Scale

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others to help rebalance systemic inequity.

(You are currently financially comfortable & do not mind making a donation of any amount to support the others in the community who require financial support)

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Watch this FREE Tarot Journey Masterclass!

FREE Masterclass – 16 Life Changing Stages of Spiritual Awakening

FREE Masterclass – 16 Life Changing Stages of Spiritual Awakening

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About the Founder


Janel Aurelia Q.

Janel Aurelia Q.

Certified Holistic Life Coach (IPHM)

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Practitioner

Energy Empowerment Guide & Spiritual Mentor

Intuitive Tarot & Astrology Counsellor

Crystal Consultant & Beadwork Instructor

– Over a thousand professional readings conducted

– Infusing counselling & coaching techniques into our readings
– Signature astrological birth chart reading that acts as a prerequisite to Awaken & Align 2.0

– *NEW* highly integrated Holistic Tarot Practitioner Course

– Facilitated by a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Holistic Life Coach

– Trained under Health & Harmony Colleges Australia & self-studying from The Tarot Guide & the book Holistic Tarot

– Trained under astrological sacred business mentor @michelle_saya's EMBODY U 2.0 program

– Trained under May's guidance @petsactuallycantalk

Book a FREE
Soul Alignment Call!

Want to find out more on how energy healing & spiritual guidance can help you overcome blockages, restore balance and lead an abundant & thriving life? 

Feel free to schedule a FREE 15-min consultation call with Founder Janel.

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