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Tarot Oracle Readings: Projects

Tarot Counselling

Find The Answers You Seek

Are you feeling stuck, confused, worried or undecided on an area or a specific situation in your life?

Book a tarot reading and receive instant 'live' guidance on how you can overcome your present blocks. Infusing counselling & coaching techniques, psychic channeling & intuitive guidance, we are here to direct you back to your inner wisdom through the art of tarot as a holistic tool.

🇸🇬 🌎 This offering is available in Singapore AND Worldwide

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Book a duration that best suits your amount of questions...


Suitable for 1 subject matter.


45-min reading


Virtual: SGD135



Suitable for 1 detailed topic OR

2 subject matter(s).

65-min reading


Virtual: SGD180


Suitable for 2 detailed topics.


90-min reading


Virtual: SGD250


Suitable for multiple subject matter(s) OR more complexed topics.

120-min reading


Virtual: SGD330

More about Tarot...

Tarot a great tool that enables the querent to gain deeper insights about ones' life. One can read about practically anything and everything—Career, Love Life, Family Relationships, Life Purpose, Decision-Making, Past Present & Future, Personal Growth, basically anything that one wishes to gain clarity on.

At Souleartrising, our readings combine the practice of spirituality and psychology. While it is easy and convenient to rely on the cards for answers, it is even more important to connect with a tarot reader who is not only capable of relaying the cards' meanings, but also able to tap into the reader's present state of energy and connect your life's situation with the cards' messages.

Infusing her psychic gifts in spirituality with her psychological studies in understanding human behaviour, Janel is able to spur deeper levels of awareness from your Higher Self, empowering you to find your inner wisdom through unlocking your psyche, guiding you to find your direction while listening to your Intuition, taking aligned steps within your capacity, and reclaiming back power and control over your life.

Let the cards speak to you.

Be guided back to your Highest Self.

All the answers lie within you.

How to book a reading?

Step 1: Pick a duration you believe is sufficient to cover your questions.

Step 2: Book a slot, enter your details & the topics or subject matter you wish to read about.

Share a brief background in the form. 

Step 3: Make the payment. 

Step 4: Receive confirmation details on your appointment.

A document will be sent to you to support you in choosing your tarot questions.

Step 5: Receive your reading in real time over your choice of platform. 

Choose your platform of choice:

Platform: Zoom at no additional cost. 

(*Recording of session is inclusive of pricing.)

In-person session available upon request. 

(*Kindly check with Founder Janel prior to making the booking.)

What is included in the pricing?

  • 1:1 real time connection with reader

  • Consultation of unique situation

  • Personalised customisation of types of questions to ask

  • Intuitively selected tarot decks according to querent's energy at that point in time

  • Cleansing of card decks used in front of querent to ensure cleanse energy

  • A 5-min pre-shuffle grounding meditation 

  • Channeled messages from tarot cards drawn

  • Coaching inclusive & other relevant guidance

  • Supporting / clarification cards (if any)

  • A clear picture of the spread and cards drawn

  • Full Zoom recording of the entire reading for keeps

  • Post-reading clarifications & guidance within the next 2-3 days (if necessary)

Things to note (please read):

*Sessions that overrun will be charged additional fees of SGD45 for every 15 minutes incurred, which will be billed after the session.

*To cancel or reschedule, please contact us minimally 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so within 48 hours will incur 50% charge of the fees to reschedule. There will not be any refunds made to last minute cancellation or postponement less than 3 hours. Full price of the reading will be absorbed and client has to rebook the session.

*We seek your cooperation to leave your details and background before the reading to leave the session dedicated to explanation and interpretation of the cards. 

*Background of client is optional for disclosure. Providing information only allows reader to understand the background context and provide more relevant counsel and guidance into the reading. 

*Please note that we will strictly not proceed with readings in relation to law pursuits, vices like gambling or violent situations, or life and death related conditions. 

*Clarifications are preferably attended to during the 'live' session itself. Any additional clarifications will be answered within 2-3 days from the reading over email / WhatsApp or Instagram DM.

*Follow up readings are encouraged to be conducted minimally 14 days after the reading. 

*Tarot reading is a holistic tool used to channel Divine Guidance which may help you in gaining clarity in your present life situation. Tarot reading is NOT a substitution for professional counselling or therapy. Please speak to a certified therapist or counsellor if you are going through immense distress. 

Tarot Oracle Readings: Services

Click on to the various categories to learn more about each individual reading.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Love Life Reading

Love reading for curious singles

Relationship Advice Reading

Love reading for couples in a relationship / marriage / situationship 

Are We Compatible(?) Reading

Love reading for those navigating a situationship / potential relationship

Stay or Let Go Reading

Decision making reading for those caught up in a difficult relationships

Overcoming the Past Reading

Healing reading for the heartbroken / those grieving from past relationships

Manifest Your Soul Mate Reading

Love reading for those serious in manifesting / calling in their soul mate

Embodying Love Reading

Love reading for those who would like to embody self love

Divine Love Check-in Reading

Love reading for twin flames, soul connections, divine relationships

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"A connection is the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from that relationship." 

- Brené Brown

What Clients Say...

"Janel, thank you so much for the reading. I came out feeling so much lighter and being more affirmed of the direction I wanted to head towards. It was really uplifting despite it being a situation where it could easily leave you feeling negative and lousy about stuff, but you relayed the messages and guidance so sincerely that there is something positive to take away in any negative situation.

I particularly liked that few minutes of pre-meditation, as it allowed me to ground myself and feel like I’m in a safe space with no judgement while navigating through the reading. I’m not someone who mediates, and that experience was very powerful for me. I never knew that I could connect with my higher self and therefore felt so at peace receiving the messages with an open heart and mind whether or not they were going to be favourable. That few minutes of meditation really prepared me to embrace whatever the Universe intended for me to receive.


Tarot is no fortune telling, but the messages from the cards were so relatable to whatever I have been feeling. Overall, there are too many messages that resonated so well :)

Initially I was afraid it might be awkward talking to a stranger over a video call and sharing such personal details about my life with someone I’ve never met or spoken to before, but you have such a sweet and gentle disposition and you immediately made me feel at ease when we said hello. I feel you’re almost like a long lost friend who I haven’t connected with in awhile, and it was so easy speaking with you because you’re not like any other tarot readers. If anything, I feel like you were sent here to shine the light towards the path I already knew I wanted to go. I just needed that flick of the switch as an affirmation and you relayed those messages clearly for me.

Your intuitive guidance and the way you relayed the messages was kind of like going to therapy (and more) and that’s definitely the biggest takeaway from the reading. It wasn’t just about a yes or no answer, you bothered to explain how we could navigate our thoughts and actions for a more fulfilling relationship. Needless to say, I’ve recommended my best friend and sister and they’ve already booked a reading with you. I would definitely love to do another reading in the future whenever I feel a little lost or just need a little push to help discover the answers that are already within me.

Thank you Janel, I am so grateful to have been able to cross paths with you :)"

Tarot Oracle Readings: Testimonials

Why Choose Soulearthrising?

8 Important Reasons Why You Can Trust Us with Your Healing Journey

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45 Golden Healing .png
45 Golden Healing .png
45 Golden Healing .png

Wish to try it out but feeling constrained, we now offer sliding scales...

Support Scale

Specially curated for those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.

(SAHM, Single Mothers, Students under 18 years old, those jobless for at least 3 months, low-income household of not more than SGD1000/headcount)

Stable Scale

Stable scale is for those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.

(You have a job and are feeling financially stable. You do not need financial support for your purchase & you are willing to honour the full price)

Strong Scale

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others to help rebalance systemic inequity.

(You are currently financially comfortable & do not mind making a donation of any amount to support the others in the community who require financial support)

Tarot Oracle Readings: Pro Gallery

About the Founder


Janel Aurelia Q.

Janel Aurelia Q.

Certified Holistic Life Coach (IPHM)

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Practitioner

Energy Empowerment Guide & Spiritual Mentor

Intuitive Tarot & Astrology Counsellor

Crystal Consultant & Beadwork Instructor

– Over a thousand professional readings conducted

– Infusing counselling & coaching techniques into our readings
– Signature astrological birth chart reading that acts as a prerequisite to Awaken & Align 2.0

– *NEW* highly integrated Holistic Tarot Practitioner Course

– Facilitated by a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Holistic Life Coach

– Trained under Health & Harmony Colleges Australia & self-studying from The Tarot Guide & the book Holistic Tarot

– Trained under astrological sacred business mentor @michelle_saya's EMBODY U 2.0 program

– Trained under May's guidance @petsactuallycantalk

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Want to find out more on how energy healing & spiritual guidance can help you overcome blockages, restore balance and lead an abundant & thriving life? 

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