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Check out our new outline + our upcoming Evolved Empaths Workshop intakes for 2023 below

After 6 successful sold out workshops in 2022,
we are back to host another 5 more intakes in 2023!
This time, 12 hours, with new & improved content.

Evolved Empaths: A 2-day workshop for the #SoulSeekers


An experiential workshop for Empaths or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). Through psycho-spiritual coaching & teachings, gain better understanding of your empathetic traits, learn more about your dominant shadow issues on why you allow energy leaks, learn the art of healthy boundary setting, techniques, rituals and practices to better shield yourself from energy vampires & narcissists. Get hands-on experience working with spiritual tools to connect deeper with your intuition & gifts, create your very own personalised Empath framework, and confidently harness the power of your clair superpowers within.

Break the curse, embrace your gifts. It is time.

🇸🇬 This offering is currently available in Singapore only.


• 2 days workshop

• 2 week apart

• 12 hours in total

• Location: Mindful Space (Newton)


Day 1


Theme: Break the Curse

All about Unbecoming

Falls around Full Moon

Day 2

Theme: Embrace your Gifts

All about Becoming

Falls around New Moon


       Day One

  1. Introduction to Empaths
    Learn all about Empaths—their traits and behaviours, how they function, what type of empathetic traits & gifts you can potentially carry and embody, etc.

  2. Uncovering Your Shadows
    Unbecoming. This topic sheds light on your dominant shadow issues as Empaths—why you are triggered, why you remain in toxic patterns and cycles, why you feel these heavy emotions.

  3. Art of Setting Boundaries
    Learn the art of healthy & balanced boundary setting especially for Empaths—energetically, emotionally and psychologically. Through a role play, you can learn how to honour your needs, speak up for yourself firmly & communicate respectfully.

  4. Healing Your Wounded Sensitive Self (Part 1 & Part 2)Learn important tools on how to heal yourself on a physical, mental, emotional level which can help you to re-nourish yourself and find balance as an Empath

  5. Full Moon Releasing Ritual
    Be guided through a Full Moon releasing ritual which you can continue to practice on your own after the workshop to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

    Day Two

  6. The Importance of Rituals
    Understand the importance of up-keeping a diligent practice of self-care, personal me-time, release work, daily habits and monthly New/Full Moon rituals.

  7. The SOAR Technique
    SOAR stands for Stop, Observe, Allow, and Rest. A technique developed by Luna & Sol, which can help you to overcome any obstacle you face as an Empath

  8. Connection to Higher Self
    Connect to your authentic, wiser, compassionate, non-egoistical spiritual version of yourself and come home to the core of your true being.

  9. Listen to your Inner Voice
    ​Gain hands-on experience working with spiritual tools which can guide you closer to your Intuition and gain confidence following the call of your inner voice.

  10. The Law of Attraction
    Becoming. Understand how the law of the Universe works—what manifestation means, how to attract your desires from a place of “I am” and how spiritual tools can also support you to cultivate a positive life instead of getting stuck in negative cycles.

  11. The Empath Framework
    Use all the knowledge and tools you have learned from the workshop and create your personalised Empath Framework that would support to you becoming the  Evolved Empath you can be.

  12. New Moon Intention Setting Manifesting Ritual
    Learn how to create your own crystal grid, activate and infuse it with intentions so that you can carry on this practice moving forward to invite in future intentions for yourself beyond the workshop.


• Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

• The easily drained

• The easily triggered

• The overwhelmed

• The "too emotional"

• The “too sensitive”

• The ones who think “too much”

• The highly intuitive

• The ones who feel like they struggle to fit in / don't belong

• The ones with (or who think you have some kind of) psychic abilities

• The ones who feel super connected to everything around them

• The ones who experience super High highs & super low lows

• The aware Empaths

• The unsure Empaths

• The curious

• Anyone on their path through healing / inner work

• Anyone open to learning (because technically we are all born sensitive beings)!


• Psychospiritual education on all topics

• Hands on experience with spiritual tools (oracle cards, pendulums, crystal grid work, cleansing & protection kits, etc.)

• A FREE chakra crystal grid kit

• A self-made protection salt-scrub

• A personalised Empath framework

• Digital downloads of all workshop slides

• 3 weeks long guidance from your coach

• Intimate intake group support

• Exclusive access to Evolved Empaths Telegram graduates group support

• Option to join Sensi-Soulful Social Club for the first month FREE as continued support

• 10% OFF all services from time of sign up to 1 month after date of graduation 
• Special discount code to sign up for subsequent intake for our Awaken & Align Soul Coaching Program

• A certificate of participation upon completion of both workshops









(2 CYCLES OF *$308 OR $333)




(3 CYCLES OF *$212 OR $222)

If you think the above resonates, then the workshop is perfect for you!

If you are still not sure if you should join the workshop, feel free to arrange a FREE 15-min Energy Call with me!

Evolved Empaths 2-Days Course for the SoulSeekers: Projects

After 6 successful sold out workshops in 2022,
we are back to host another 5 more intakes in 2023!


Check out our upcoming Evolved Empaths Workshop intakes for 2023 below

Evolved Empaths 2-Days Course for the SoulSeekers: Schedule

1pm to 7pm, 

2 Sundays

1st Intake (2 spots left!)

5 Feb & 19 Feb 2023

Full Moon in Leo

New Moon in Pieces

1pm to 7pm, 

2 Sundays

2nd Intake

7 May & 21 May 2023

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

New Moon in Taurus

1pm to 7pm, 

2 Sundays

3rd Intake

4 Jun & 18 Jun 2023

Full Moon in Sagittarius 

New Moon in Gemini

1pm to 7pm, 

2 Sundays

4th Intake (4 spots left!)

2 Jul & 16 Jul 2023

Full Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Cancer

1pm to 7pm, 

2 Sundays

5th Intake

29 Oct & 12 Nov 2023

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

New Moon in Scorpio

Evolved Empaths 2-Days Course for the SoulSeekers: Contact
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Meet Your Coach

Janel Aurelia Q.  |  Founder of SoulEarthRising (formerly Terraajhealing)


Janel, Founder of @SoulEarthRising, is an Empath herself.


Throughout her growing up years, Janel always felt many things too strongly around her. She was constantly associated to being called “too much”, “too emotional”or “too sensitive”. Everywhere she went, she could sense the weight of situations (in school, workplaces and within her family). She could feel the emotions of others, the energy of places, the truth of what is happening all around her, and all that just seemed too much to bear, leaving her feeling constantly drained, overwhelmed, easily triggered and always feeling really negative about herself for not always "losing it" or not being able to function at her best.


As a way of escaping her pain and overwhelming feelings, she turned to alcohol, cigarettes, substances, even work to distract & drown out her emotions. She was constantly living on fight or flight, either triggered or in a state of numbness.


Since embarking on a personal spiritual quest in 2015, Janel dived deeper into inner work and discovered that her negative cycles stemmed from long-imposed shadow traits & not knowing how to set healthy boundaries. She learned that her empathy is actually more of a gift than a curse, realising that there is a way to harness this ability while protecting her energy. She learned how to adopt practical techniques & inner understanding on how to stop giving too much of her energy away, overcoming her toxic cycle of “caring too much” to the point of burnout.


Janel now holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and runs her sacred business at @SoulEarthRising (formerly @Terraajhealing). She has taken basic courses in Counselling and CBT. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, a Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Practitioner and she completed her training in Holistic Life Coaching (IPHM) in Dec 2021. She now holds safe spaces for clients providing life guidance through tarot counselling, conducts sacred healing circles and 1:1 soul coaching sessions in her own private practice.


It is Janel’s heart and soul’s work to guide others how to overcome this cycle of helplessness, to empower them as well as to teach them how to confidently master their empathetic traits so that they can live a life free of emotional baggage.

Evolved Empaths 2-Days Course for the SoulSeekers: About

What Empath graduates say 
about the workshop...

"I'm really impressed by the course that you put together. It really shows that you put a lot of thought into the flow of the workshop and also the tools that you introduced. I love that it was with fellow empaths. It's really wonderful to learn from one another from their journeys as well. I am making a note to incorporate the various rituals and tools into my life and some accountability would definitely help! Thanks for this wonderful workshop. I am so glad I was able to join."

– Jeanette (Intake 1)

"AMAZING!!! I loved & enjoyed every part of the workshop. I learned so much about myself & others. I am so grateful to the Universe for sending Janel my way and that I am in this journey with an awesome coach like you. I will definitely consider the rest of your courses when the time is rest for me. Janel has been such a GREAT host too. The second I saw her I felt very clam and peaceful like I could trust her wholy without reservations. <3 Thank you so much!!!"

Sheryl (Intake 4)

"I used to be a disempowered Empath, thinking I am too much and that is something I should change. Now, I am glad to say that I am empowered and I am able to trust my intuition and shine unbashingly! I also like that I am able to meet people on a similar journey. My favourite part of the workshop was exploring the pendulum & trying out the oracle cards myself. This workshop enables me to continue my work in self-healing as I have all the tools now. Thank you Janel!!!"

 – Anonymous

Evolved Empaths 2-Days Course for the SoulSeekers: Pro Gallery
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