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Terraajhealing pride ourselves in providing a wide range of alternative and holistic healing modalities to best serve your energetic needs. Check out our full range of services below.

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Check out our collection of healing tools and accessories from our Signature Chakra Collection to our thematic launches. Bring home a healing accessory of choice along with your healing or protection tool kit today!

Consultation & Customisation

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Not sure what is best for you? Book a consultation and customisation session with the Founder herself and be guided through an energy check in before creating your healing accessory. Be sure to bring home exactly what your current energetic body's needs require.

Tarot Oracle Readings

Terraajhealing_tarot oracle life guidance.jpg

Tarot Oracle readings are a great way to seek out guidance and clarity if you are facing a blockage, uncertainty or challenge in your life. Check out our specially curated spreads or customise one to best suit the present situation on hand.

Healing Through Beading Workshop

Terraajhealing Healing Through Beading Workshop.jpg

We provide 2 hands on in-studio workshop which will guide you through fundamentals behind crystal & energy healing and Mala bead making. Learn how to string your bracelet the durable way or take a day off to practice mindfulness in either of these fun & insightful 3.5 hours workshop!

Evolved Empath 2-day Course

Terraajhealing Evolved Empath Workshop .jpg

An experiential in-studio course for Empaths or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). Through psychospiritual coaching, and hands-on experience working with various spiritual tools, this course assures you will emerge as a confident Evolved Empath!

Beadwork Making Course

Terraajhealing Jewellery Making Course.png

Interested in crystals and inspired to create your own healing accessories with them? This 6 weeks course equips you with advanced beadwork techniques, including Mala necklace making, and basic photography skills if you wish to take your skillsets to the next level!

Energy Chakra Healing

Terraajhealing Transpersonal Crystal Healing.jpg

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® is a unique and profound alternative holistic healing modality founded by Kate Mantello of Evolve Healing Institute. The full body treatment includes Transpersonal Psychology, providing clients with a personalised chakra analysis. Through the use of crystals, reiki and energy attunement, you can release trauma overwrite old programming, achieving much more powerful healing results, than by Crystal Healing alone. Experience instant and immediate shift with this specialised healing modality.

Soul Coaching & Mentorship

Terraajhealing 1_1 Soul Coaching & Mentorship.jpg

Take your energy and soul healing journey to the next level by working with Founder Janel, a certified Holistic Life Coach, through Soul Coaching & Mentorship. Go deeper into your present life's obstacles and understand the root of your core issues through shadow work, inner child healing, healthy energetic boundary setting, self love embodiment, sacred ritual work, strengthening your intuition and raising your consciousness, understanding that law of attraction and the spiritual perspective on manifestation, rewiring abundance and money mindset as well as soulprenuer business mentorship.

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