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Year End x Year Ahead
Recalibration Package


  • A 16-cards 2023 Review & Renew Tarot Reading

  • A 120-min Full Body Chakra Revitalise & Realign Analysis & Healing Session

  • A 60-min Coaching & guidance session

 *ENJOY 23% + SGD22 OFF for first 11 sign ups only!!! 

 *Enjoy 23% + SGD22 off the full package @ only SGD555! 

Limited to first 11 sign ups only.

Instalment plans available.

Full package worth up to SGD750! (You save up to SGD195!) 


Review & Renew 2023 Tarot Reading (Online only)

The new year beckons! It is a time of retrospection, looking back and reviewing all the things you have learned. This spread is designed to assist you in deepening your understanding in 2022's lessons, reflect on your learnings, gain clarity on what have worked well and not so well for you, and more importantly what to release and let go of, and what purposes to embody and bring over to the new year with a renewed outlook. Gain deeper understanding on your your career, your relationships, as well as your personal growth & wellbeing for this year and the  next. Every year brings about opportunities and challenges, so it is essential to review your life path on a holistic perspective as well as to take positive aligned action through channelled guidance from the Divine, so you can enter the new year with a sense of maturity & renewal. 


Card #1: 2022 review in a summary 

Card #2: My key takeaway(s) for 2022 (blessings) 

Card #3: My key learning points for 2022 (lessons) 

Card #4: Work & Career (2022 review) 

Card #5: Work & Career (2023 forecast) 

Card #6: Love & Relationships (2022 review) 

Card #7: Love & Relationships (2023 forecast) 

Card #8: Personal Growth & Wellbeing (2022 review) 

Card #9: Personal Growth & Wellbeing (2023 forecast) 

Card #10: Overall energy for 2023

Card #11: What can I carry over to 2023? 

Card #12: What must I not repeat in 2023? 

Card #13: Light & Love in 2023 (Opportunities) 

Card #14: Darkness & Shadows (Challenges) 

Card #15: Key message for 2023 (Advice & Guidance) 

Card #16: *Bonus* Soul’s Journey Oracle Card pull

*Session includes 15min coaching & guidance. 

- - -

*Platform: Zoom only.

*Recording of session is inclusive of pricing.


Terms & Conditions:

- Please note that readings that go beyond stipulated timing requires additional $30 every 15 min. 

- To cancel or reschedule, please contact us minimally 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will incur 50% charge of the fees to reschedule.

- We seek your cooperation to leave your details and background before the reading to leave the session dedicated to explanation and interpretation of the cards. 

- Clarifications will be answered within 2-3 days from the reading over email or Instagram DM.

- Follow up readings are encouraged to be conducted minimally 14 days after the reading. 

- Tarot reading is a holistic tool used to channel Divine Guidance which may help you in gaining clarity in your present life situation. Tarot reading is NOT a substitution for professional counselling or therapy. Please speak to a certified therapist or counsellor if you are going through immense distress. 


120-min Full Body Chakra Revitalise & Realign
Analysis & Healing Session

Transpersonal Crystal Healing® is unique and profound alternative holistic healing modality founded by Kate Mantello of Evolve Healing Institute. This full body treatment includes Transpersonal Psychology, providing clients with a personalised chakra analysis. Through the use of crystals, reiki, and energy attunement, you can release trauma overwrite old programming, achieving much more powerful healing results, than by using Crystal Healing alone. Experience instant and immediate shift with this specialised healing modality.


'Transpersonal' refers to states of consciousness and aspects of 'Self' that exist beyond and transcend (trans) the personality (personal). Transpersonal therapies take a client-centered approach, because it is understood that every individual is always being guided towards his or her own evolution.


Transpersonal Crystal Healing® was created by Founder of Evolve Healing Institute, Kate Mantello. It brings together the principals of transpersonal therapy (specifically working with the client on a spiritual, psychological and emotional level) and harmoniously weaves this together with crystal healing & energy healing (which honor the energetic and vibrational levels) and spiritual philosophy.


By working with clients on all of these levels of being, Transpersonal Crystal Healing® is a multi-dimensional healing modality that promotes the truest form of transformational healing. Overall, this makes for a much more holistic and powerful healing experience!

A specialised 120-minute Transpersonal Crystal Healing® session would flow as follows:

Full body Chakra & Aura Analysis (45 min)

  • Consultation with the client 

  • Settling into healing space with guided meditation

  • Chakra analysis & aura assessment 

  • Post analysis debrief

Transpersonal Crystal Healing Treatment (120-min)

  • Includes the above full body Chakra & Aura Analysis 

  • Pre-treatment relaxation guided meditation 

  • Full body chakra healing, balancing, & realignment 

  • Customised crystal body grid work & personalised applied energy work on problematic areas 

  • Third eye massage

  • Crystal bowl sound healing

  • Aura cleansing & Smudging 

  • Selenite aura shield work 

  • Grounding with crystals 

  • Post-treatment debrief 

What can Transpersonal Crystal Healing® help with?
Physical ailments like back pains, fatigue, womb, stomach, gut and digestive issues, low immunity, low energy. 


Emotional ailments like mild anxiety, feelings of anger, frustration, restlessness, lostness and confusion, heartbreaks, grief, emotional weariness, emotional numbness.


Psychological ailments like not sleeping well, anxiety, worrying about the future, troubled thoughts about life, having vivid and unnexplainable dreams, finding it hard to focus and concentrate, lack of connection to intuition and are not certain of life's direction.

Spiritual and energetic ailments like not experiencing a breakthrough in life, always constantly facing negative situations one after another, not able to manifest financial and properous abundance or romantic love, no direction in life. 

*Please read the full details about this modality in our Energy & Chakra Healing Page.

 *ENJOY 23% + SGD22 OFF for first 11 sign ups only!!! 

 *Enjoy 23% + SGD22 off the full package @ only SGD555! 

Limited to first 11 sign ups only.

Instalment plans available.

Full package worth up to SGD750! (You save up to SGD195!) 

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