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PsychoAstro Couple Compatibility Reading

A comprehensive astrological birth chart reading to guide both of you as a couple through your multi-faceted aspects of your Self(s), your key astro elements, understanding your birth place of wound(s), soul's path(s) and your overall astro patterns that determines your overall couple compatibility. Gain clarity on your individual areas for healing and understand how to help each other overcome your blockages and challenges. Ultimately, develop understanding on how to improve your relationship and if it feels overall suitable & ideal for you both.

What an astro reading typically consist of (according to my style of reading):

  • Interpretation of BOTH individuals' 11 planets, horoscope signs, and houses (all aspects of your Self as well as your partner's) 

  • Understanding your Chiron wound (Your individual birthplace of trauma & healing and how to help each other overcome it) 

  • Understanding your Nodes (an outlook of your past live(s) and current life transit(s) & purpose(s) for each other)

  • Understanding of your Astro aspect patterns (what kind of patterns is in your chart and what does it mean for either AND both of you) 

  • Highlights areas that are smooth & thriving between the both of you

  • Highlights potential friction / challenges / blocks between the both of you

  • Highlights overall compatibility with each other 

  • Includes a love tarot reading about this relationship

  • The entire recording over Zoom call of the detailed explanation 


What I will require from you:

  • Both of your individual birth place(s)

  • Both of your birth date(s)

  • Both of your birth time(s)

Platform: Zoom

Duration: 2.5hrs to 3hrs


Important Information

Please note that a minimum of period of 3 working days is required for me to study your chart prior to our debrief. Kindly select an available slot at least 3 days away from your date of booking. 




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