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10 Powerful Ways Reiki Can Enhance Our Lives

Updated: May 12

Being introduced to reiki back in Oct 2019 (yes, I got reiki attuned over my 29th birthday) changed my life’s trajectory completely–and for the better of course!

In close to 5 years, life has transformed in the most beautiful ways. With years of practice and mastery, I learned to cultivate a life that frees me from anger and worry, reminds me to practise loving-kindness to all, gets me to consistently invite in prayer and gratitude for the tiniest blessings received, and to stand firm in integrity–living my life in truth and authenticity.

The healing art of reiki is gentle, universal, and non-intrusive, but powerful in subtle effective ways. 


Here are 10 powerful ways reiki has enhanced my life tremendously:

1) Pain & stress relief 

One of the worst pains I had to endure in most parts of my life is the pain that comes like an attack when I start my moon bleed. I have suffered from severe Dysmenorrhea as young as 17 years old, collapsing in the midst of work or in public due to pain so intense I break out in cold sweat, become all nausea & go into fainting spells. Since 2019 after learning and consistently applying reiki on myself as a healing modality right before the shedding of my womb arrives, the power of reiki has helped me immensely in recovering from my chronic womb disorder along with an unexpected growth which caused extreme bleeding. I no longer experience excruciating monthly pains. Other pains and stress includes migraines, shoulder back pains, anxiousness in the gut, and heart palpitations that no longer affect me.

2) Removes energetic blocks 

As an energy healer, spiritual advisor and holistic life coach who is often exposed to clients with physical ailments, psychological distress, complexed situational issues, energetic or spiritual blocks, I can also unintentionally take on their energetic imprints as a common side effect. What I do before and after every session is to use the power of reiki to remove any stagnant energies, create a clear and clean space, and remove any lingering energies in my field that are not mine to carry. In my personal rituals, I also remove unwanted energies I have picked up along the way when I am in the presence and vicinity of others in public settings. 

3) Protection from negative psychic attacks 

Additionally, as a sensitive natured person (some might call Empaths), what I realised during my years of corporate work transitioning through different kinds of offices, is that we as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) often get 'attacked' or 'disturbed' by external negative entities who target beings with weaker energetic boundaries. Applying the white light bubble technique and covering myself with reiki symbols helped me to create a protective shield of light to prevent myself from getting into unforeseen incidents or 'unfortunate luck' that comes out from nowhere.

4) Promotes focus & productivity 

Apart from clearing out stale energies, bringing in light and creating a clean space, applying reiki to yourself can also promote your sense of focus, enhance concentration which brings about sharper productivity. Reiki has helped me to recenter easily, bring about clearer understanding and direction of taking the actions that align with my goals and intentions. I am able to achieve my desired tasks with ease & effortlessness with the presence of reiki. 

5) Reiki strengthens intuition

Since practising reiki on a frequent basis, my intuition has strengthened to unimaginable degrees. I used to doubt my 'gut feelings', 'instincts', 'sixth sense' or 'hunches' that came out of nowhere, unsure if I could believe in them. After connecting to my Higher Self and my spiritual team of counsels, I was able to tap into the frequencies of divineness and easily access the unseen realms of the Great Spirit (some people may call God / Source / Divine Creator / Higher Consciousness). Observing and working with my intuitive psychic abilties and unlocking multiple clairsenses as I evolve spiritually has aided me in understanding how my intuition shows up in any given moment of time. I start feeling so much more connected to Self and Spirit, picking out all the ways my inner compass nudges me towards what is the best most aligned path for me. With sharp intuition, you can practicality apply this gift anywhere you go, complimenting whatever other modalities you pick up along the way (it helped me in channeling so much in tarot and astrology readings, even analysing everything–people, places, situation all around you!)

6) Cleaner energy, sharper manifestations

With good energetic space management, coupled with infusing reiki for focus & productivity, up keeping spiritual and energetic hygiene consistently in your life AND having having a strong sense of intuition, is quite literally one of the most powerful secret solutions for manifesting miracles! When your energetic channels are clear, unblocked and flowing with Universal Life Force, one of the signs of successful manifestations is feeling content, aligned, in flow and harmony with Life itself. When you feel abundant and so alive, this is where you become a strong magnet for everything your heart and soul desires. I have managed to turn many of my visions into reality. This is something that you can absolutely attain too!

7) Spiritually purified my life for the better 

Since being attuned with reiki, my life has shifted drastically. What used to be environments, groups of people and situations that I could tolerate, were spaces I would now avoid at all cost. As my sensitivity heightens, my intuitive abilities become louder and clearer as well. I started noticing how a big part of my life force has been thoroughly drained over the years due to one of the most detrimental ways–I was not aware that I allowed myself to get energetically sucked and trapped into bodies of toxic spaces. It was only after applying reiki consistently over an extended period of time, I then realised the more I discern and consciously release what feels like poison to me out from my energetic system and the more I invoke reiki as a part of my lifestyle, the more I give myself opportunities to purify my vessel from personal patterns that have kept me looped in unhealthy cycles. In turn, the more inclined it is for me to reorganise my life by removing myself from spaces that are energetically not supportive or uplifting for me, intentionally choosing to upkeep the practice of reiki and only surround myself in positive environments that allows me to thrive. 

8) Gravitate towards lighter & positive ways of living

With long-term dedication and devotion to this practice, I find myself able to be a more empowered master of energy, able to hold larger and deeper containers for transmuting heavy energies for clients, eventually alchemising them into expanded spaces for healing. In my personal life, I have found myself to be able to overcome personal setbacks with a lot more trust, surrender and a sense of inner calmness no matter what season I am put through, gravitating towards a more light hearted and compassionate way of seeing and living life as a whole!

9) Space clearing while travelling 

The thing I love most about reiki as a healing tool is that it is so fuss-free, simple yet effective, and something you can easily bring with you everywhere you go without the need to carry many tools around. As a seasonal traveller, I often enter spaces that are foreign which likely carry multiple kinds of energies before me. What I do whenever I travel is that I invoke the frequencies of reiki into the spaces I have to stay in, set up energetic altars, create clean spaces for work, sleep, contemplation and meditation. Reiki has helped to empower me to feel safe and protected at all times, enabling me to enjoy the life of wonder without fear and worry.

10) Enhanced my life (and others) as a whole!

If you are still reading, this last point sums up my love and advocacy for everyone to learn, understand and apply the healing art of reiki. In just 5 years, my life has shifted completely. I was nowhere near feeling abundant, alive and content. I was deeply troubled and feeling perpetually disempowered, held down by toxic and dreadful work environments, complex family dynamics, chaotic drama-filled connections, feeling suffocated and imprisoned by situations that weighed me down. But with constant practice and the devotion to inner work and healing, I am happy to be where I am today. Free from cycles and patterns that kept me stuck on a wheel of unconscious energetic leakage(s) and never being able to have enough energy for myself. Being able to attract opportunities for healthier connections, purposeful soul's work through fulfilling aligned life goals and intentionally choosing environments that nourishes & fuels my soul, allowing me to live in truth and authenticity.

The ancient healing modality of reiki, if mastered with well intentions, can certainly help you to become energetically stronger and wiser, enhance your life and your wellbeing in all areas, aspects and dimensions of your already full and whole being.

Healing begins with you.

Watch this radio interview of Founder Janel sharing more about Reiki with Shi Ting from Ngee Ann Poly on The Hottest Thing on Campus: Radio Heatwave.


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