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New Year Forecast Spread

Forecast Spread: From Darkness To Light; A Shadowscape Edition

The new year beckons! It is time to gain clarity on what may possibly lie ahead for you. This period always feels both retrospective as well as introspective. This spread is exclusively curated to dive deeper into the inner most parts of your Self-guiding you through reflective points to further understand your shadows (as well as the Light) within you. This 13-cards spread shows you your lessons, and how you can navigate through another year of the pandemic. Gain understanding on your personal growth, your career, as well as your relationships next year. Not forgetting positive action steps and guidance from the Divine and answers from your Angels themselves, so you can better grace through the next year with wisdom and enlightenment. 

Card 1: Past 12 months energy

Card 2: Next 12 months energy

Card 3: Shadow lessons to learn 

Card 4: How can I work on my shadows better? 

Card 5: Light that lies ahead

Card 6: Will Covid affect me? 

Card 7: Personal Growth 

Card 8: Work & Career

Card 9: Love & Relationships

Card 10: Shadows that lie ahead

Card 11: Positive action steps

Card 12: Advice & Guidance from the Universe

Card 13: *BONUS* Angel Answers Oracle (ask anything)

*Session includes 15min coaching & guidance. 

- - -

Choose your platform of choice:

*Platform: Zoom at no additional cost. 

*Recording of session is inclusive of pricing.

**Face to Face session available at $30 additional fees. 

**Kindly select Face to Face option when making the booking. 

Terms & Conditions:

- Please note that readings that go beyond stipulated timing requires additional $30 every 15 min. 

- To cancel or reschedule, please contact us minimally 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will incur 50% charge of the fees to reschedule.

- We seek your cooperation to leave your details and background before the reading to leave the session dedicated to explanation and interpretation of the cards. 

- Clarifications will be answered within 2-3 days from the reading over email or Instagram DM.

- Follow up readings are encouraged to be conducted minimally 14 days after the reading. 

- Tarot reading is a holistic tool used to channel Divine Guidance which may help you in gaining clarity in your present life situation. Tarot reading is NOT a substitution for professional counselling or therapy. Please speak to a certified therapist or counsellor if you are going through immense distress. 

FORECAST - New Year Forecast Spread (From Darkness to Light; A Shadowscape Edition): Services
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