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Consult & Customise

Not sure what should you get?

Go on a 'LIVE' call with Founder Janel for a consultation and customise a healing accessory which best cater to your energetic needs.

🇸🇬 🌎 This offering is available in Singapore AND Worldwide

*Additional charges apply for international shipping for online consultations. 
*Prices stated are in SGD.

How does it work?

Step 1: Book an appointment.

Step 2: Make a $75 deposit. 
Step 3: A confirmation email will be sent to you. 

Step 4: Fill up the Customisation Form before the session. 

Step 5: Show up in real time.

Step 6: Receive your consultation and work on your personalised piece together in real time.

Step 7: Final prices will be calculated on the spot to fit your budget. 
Step 8: Invoice will be sent to you after that session.
Step 9: Make the balance payment within 48 hours.
Step 10: Wait for your item to be mailed to you within a week (for local shipments).

Why did we come up with 'LIVE' Customisations?
Benefit #1: It is quick, fast & instant!
Benefit #2: Full visual control
Benefit #3: Access to 'LIVE' preview of stocks 
Benefit #4: No additional charges for this service.

Benefit #5: Complimentary crystal consultation based on current energy check-in during the session

Mode of Delivery
Zoom: No additional charges

In-person session at home studio: Additional $30

Price Range


Starts from $75

Decent grade beads: Around $75
Higher grade beads: $80 to $120
Premium grade beads: $120 and above


Mala Necklaces

Starts from $200

Decent grade beads: Around $200
Higher grade beads: $200 to $300
Premium grade beads: $300 and above

*Pricing includes energy consultation AND complimentary special reiki-charging, cleansing & intention setting ritual of accessory before shipping.

Why Consult & Customise with us?

  1. Get a fully personalised consultation.

  2. Bespoke exclusivity and uniqueness. 

  3. Tailored to your energetic needs & wants to your present energy. 

  4. Detailed and personal experience from start to end. 

  5. Complimentary energy check-in & option to reiki-charge & set specific intentions to your crystal bracelet. 

  6. Quality materials (strings and Tierracast spacers from USA, 14k gold filled & 925 silver), higher durability, value for money. 

  7. Up to 200 beads and metal embellishments available! 

Still unsure?

Want to take a close and upfront look at current inventory? 

Feel free to schedule a FREE 15-min Energy call with Janel.

If you are ready, click the button below to book your slot!

'Live' Consultation & Customisation: Projects

Enjoyed the personalized customization of my crystals bracelets . Love the colors suggested by Janel. She has a acute sense of details and colors and listen attentively to my key focus areas. Bracelets are not overpriced and commonly seen, which I can call on my own. Uniquely mine which I can put on everyday.

V, Client, TerraaGems 'LIVE' Consultation & Customisation

'Live' Consultation & Customisation: Testimonials
'Live' Consultation & Customisation: Instagram
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15-min Energy Call!

Want to find out more on how energy healing & spiritual guidance can help you overcome blockages and restore the balance in your life?

Feel free to schedule a FREE 15-min Energy Call with Founder Janel.

'Live' Consultation & Customisation: Image
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