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Healing Through Beading Workshop

A 3.5 hours in-person workshop that covers the fundamentals behind crystal healing before selecting your healing beads of choice and learning a special beadwork technique!

🇸🇬 This offering is available in Singapore only.

***Singapore's FIRST beading workshop that incorporates comprehensive theories on crystal healing plus a complimentary personalised energy check in! (Est. May 2021)***


Interested to learn how to heal & enhance your energy though crystal beadwork?


Join us to learn more about this sacred ancient wisdom behind crystal healing.

Topics covered:


  1. The psychology of chakras & aura system

  2. How trauma manifest in the body

  3. How energy flows in the body & how to wear your crystals with intention

  4. Choosing crystals that best suits your energetic body’s needs

  5. Work with crystals through Colour therapy

  6. Crystal grading

  7. Debunking the myths on proper cleansing and charging techniques

What's included?

- Intuitively picked chakra oracle card pull

- Complimentary energy check in

- Digital copy of workshop handout

- 1 restringing & cleansing kit

- 1 microfibre jewellery pouch

- 1 healing bracelet, reiki-charged

*Up to >200 beads & spacers to choose from.

*We have conducted more than 100 workshops over 1 year!

*Snap-proof and knotting technique does not allow your bracelet to snap!

*Open to all genders, all races, all ages, beginner or advanced. 

*Workshop will be conducted in English.

*Maximum number of pax per workshop is 6 pax.

*Enquire for private / corporate workshops.  

Location: Woodleigh, Bidadari.


$180* (for 2 bracelets)

$270 (for 3 bracelets)

*You may come alone and do 2 bracelets OR bring a buddy and do 1 bracelet each.

Terms & Conditions

Rescheduling is only allowed 2 weeks prior to the date of workshop. Rescheduling is strictly not allowed within 2 weeks of the date of workshop. If you are not able to make it due to personal reasons, please find a replacement or no refunds can be made. For those who fail to show up due to medical condition (for e.g. Covid+ or you have a valid medical certificate), your workshop fees can be transferred to a 'LIVE' Consultation & Customisation session. Workshop only covers basic beads & metal parts. Additional charges apply to materials with higher grade or beyond basic range. All additional costs will be calculated on the spot. Participants hold accountability to make full outstanding balance on the day of the workshop. Terraajhealing reserves the right to amend terms and conditions accordingly.

Enjoy discounted rates when you sign up for Terraajhealing's Membership plan TerraaSOLEIL or TerraaUNIVERSE. 

Book your spot!

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15-min Energy Call!

Want to find out more on how energy healing & spiritual guidance can help you overcome blockages and restore the balance in your life?

Feel free to schedule a FREE 15-min Energy Call with Founder Janel.

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