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Sep 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

👁 Awaken & Align 3.0 Soul Coaching Program 🧡

  • 122Days


Enter a new paradigm of purposeful living & embark on a path towards your soul's destiny! - ✨✨✨ [GROUP 'LIVE' CALLS] ✨✨✨ ‘Live’ Group Calls Zoom link: Meeting ID: 878 4724 9974 Passcode: 288993 Keep in mind that the first 30-45 minutes of the live call will be teaching based and the remainder of the session will be live Q&A coaching/interactive group exercises/healing. The schedules for our calls will be on these dates below. Please add call reminders and the zoom link to your google calendar so you will mot miss or forget a call! Opening Ceremony | 1 Sep, Friday, 9pm SGT AWAKENING: Falls on New Moon | 15 Sep, Friday, 9pm SGT UNVEILING: Waning Moon | 6 Oct, Friday, 9pm SGT (HEALING): Full Moon | 27 Oct, Friday, 9pm SGT RECLAIMING: Waxing Moon | 20 Nov, Monday, 9pm SGT ALIGNING: New Moon | 13 Dec, Wednesday, 9pm SGT Closing Reflection & Gratitude Ceremony | 20 Dec, Wednesday, 9pm SGT . ALL 1:1 sessions will be arranged at your own flexibility. ✨✨✨ [1:1 COACHING CALLS] ✨✨✨ For all 1:1 calls, it would be most ideal to find a comfortable, quiet space without distractions, where you can do some reflections and go into a meditative state. Please bring a pen & journal, a glass of water. An additional bonus step is to do some space clearing before you start the session with Palo Santo, and play some high vibrational frequency music before you come online.

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